Fidelity Transcription’s referral programme enables you to pass transcription clients to Fidelity in return for a guaranteed commission on all work carried out for that client, in other words, you can profit from transcription without having to do it yourself.

This referral programme may suit you if you are a solo transcriber or transcription firm with insufficient capacity. Recruiting and managing able transcription staff can be difficult, and instead of doing that you may prefer to pass the work to Fidelity for a commission.

You do not need to be involved already in the transcription industry to become part of Fidelity’s referral programme. You can instead operate as an independent marketer with no prior knowledge or experience of transcription.

If you pass a client to Fidelity, you will receive 15% of the value of work done for that client for a period of five years.

You may continue to work for the client yourself during that period if you wish, and simply refer the client to Fidelity for occasional jobs.



A "client" means an actual person, not a company. The referral cannot be speculative - the client must have a genuine inquiry regarding a transcription requirement within a reasonable time frame.

The commission does not apply if you are simply re-outsourcing the work to Fidelity and dealing with the client yourself. It applies only if Fidelity deals with the client direct.

Fidelity will carry out the work for the client in its own manner as regards formats, etc, and cannot take instructions from you the referrer. Fidelity will also invoice the client directly. You will not be part of the workflow process.

If you would like further information about the Fidelity Referral Programme, please contact us to request it.